[Relay Virtual Tour] Introducing LG Energy Solution Michigan – Part 4

LG Energy Solution Michigan produces the best batteries in North America through strong collaboration among its employees. Do you want to learn more about the Michigan office and its employees? Then, check out the fourth episode of the Relay Virtual Tour, led by local employees!

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(Woo-cheol Jung, Lamination Folding Department)
Hello! My name is Woo-cheol Jung, and I am participating in the Relay Virtual Tour of the Michigan office as the fourth runner. I work in the assembly manufacturing department’s lamination folding department. I am involved with the lamination process. Let’s take a look at my typical day at the Michigan office!

The lamination folding part is in charge of making the bi-cells required for battery production

(Woo-cheol Jung, Lamination Folding Department)
I was talking with a coworker while taking a break from work. Let me introduce you to my wonderful coworker sitting next to me!

(Brad, Lamination Folding Department)
Hi, my name is Brad. I also work in the assembly manufacturing department’s lamination folding part. I collaborate with Woo-cheol Jung.

(Woo-cheol Jung, Lamination Folding Department)
It is time to return to work after a well-deserved break. I will spend some time in the office before going out to the site to inspect the laminating process equipment.

I am in charge of the Bi-Cell* production in the lamination process. Now that I am finished with the office work, let’s go out to the site and see if there are any issues.

*Bi-Cell: It is a cell, the basic unit of a battery, where multiple electrodes and separators are combined.

(Woo-cheol Jung, Lamination Folding Department)
This is where the lamination process takes place. I am going to talk to the plant operators to see how bi-cell production is going.

(Dave, Lamination Folding Department)
Hello, my name is Dave. I manage the laminating facility. Today’s production went smoothly and according to plan. Now that I’m done with work, I’ll be able to enjoy my vacation even more. After a long time, I’m going to spend quality time with my grandchildren!

A variety of spaces to improve employee well-being

(Woo-cheol Jung, Lamination Folding Department)
Our Michigan office has many areas for employee well-being, including a well-equipped fitness center that I use after work. It has both weights and cardio equipment. Many employees enjoy working out there.

There are some relaxing spots outside of the building. Let me introduce you to one of my personal favorites: a mini garden outside of the Michigan office! It’s the ideal location to unwind during work, with a fountain gently spraying water and beautiful flowers.

A parking lot and electric car charging station are located on the other side of the mini-garden. Many EVs are charging alongside each other, which is not an unusual sight at a battery production company.

The last place to check out is the building where the LG Energy Solution CI logo is most visible. You can recognize it at a glance!

In the fourth episode of the Relay Virtual Tour, we introduced how we work at LG Energy Solution Michigan’s lamination folding part and showed you around some interesting spaces at our office. Stay tuned for more exciting developments from LG Energy Solution!

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