[Relay Virtual Tour] Introducing LG Energy Solution Wrocław – Part 4

LG Energy Solution Wroclaw in Poland is the world’s largest battery manufacturing plant and a key hub in the European battery market. LG Energy Solution Wroclaw is enhancing its global competitiveness by establishing optimized infrastructure. We explored the area with the help of local staff.

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(Namgyu Lee, Business Planning Team)
Welcome to LG Energy Solution Wroclaw, the heart of the European battery market! My name is Namgyu Lee from the Business Planning Team at LG Energy Solution Wroclaw. I am the fourth runner on the Relay Virtual Tour. Please join me on this tour!

Eco-Friendly Facilities for Environmental Protection

(Namgyu Lee, Business Planning Team)
LG Energy Solution Wroclaw boasts the world’s largest manufacturing facility, spanning approximately 300,000 square meters. Today, I would like to show you around our Wroclaw facilities while riding in an EV with one of my department colleagues. Please introduce yourself briefly!

(Patryk Napieraj, Business Planning Team)
Hello! I am Patryk Napieraj, working on the Business Planning Team. I am responsible for business planning for the Electric Vehicle Division’s Automotive Production Center. The first place I would like to introduce is the Admin Building. This is one of the main buildings that serves as a space for our company’s clients. It was recently renovated as an environmentally friendly structure. You can catch a glimpse of LG Energy Solution’s dedication to the environment here.

(Namgyu Lee, Business Planning Team)
The second building I would like to show you is the Waste Warehouse. Did you know that this warehouse is the largest of its kind in all of Europe? LG Energy Solution is also responsible for and dedicated to properly managing the waste generated during the battery manufacturing process.

Facilities Ensuring the Well-being and Safety of Employees

(Patryk Napieraj, Business Planning Team)
The next building is the Learning Center, which houses amenities such as a cafeteria, fitness center, and café. A total of 12 training sessions are held to help our employees improve their professional skills. The training curriculum is comprehensive, and I have regularly attended these sessions.

(Namgyu Lee, Business Planning Team)
At the back of the learning center, there is infrastructure established for the safety of Wroclaw’s employees and local residents. This includes the Emergency Response Center, inaugurated last year. Disaster response procedures have already been established to respond effectively to emergencies both inside and outside the company. LG Energy Solution Wroclaw has one fire truck and one ambulance.

Optimized Battery Production Infrastructure

(Namgyu Lee, Business Planning Team)
Finally, let’s move to the C2 building, located at the heart of LG Energy Solution Wroclaw. The C2 building is where battery cells are manufactured, and the cells are activated here. Once the process is completed, numerous battery cells are transported to the Pack 2 building and assembled into modules and packs.

Many trucks enter and exit the C2 building through the Cargo Gate. This is an important logistics spot for LG Energy Solution Wroclaw.

In today’s episode, we explored the manufacturing facility of LG Energy Solution Wroclaw. Please keep an eye on LG Energy Solution employees who are leading battery technology innovation!

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