LG Energy Solution has managed “Battery Inside,” a content hub dedicated to
providing high-quality knowledge and insights on batteries.

This platform covers a wide range of topics, from the fundamental
principles of batteries and manufacturing processes to the latest
technological trends in the industry.

Now, we are thrilled to announce the publication of the 「2023 ENSOLPEDIA」,
a comprehensive 100-page e-book designed to enrich your understanding of batteries.

The 「2023 ENSOLPEDIA」 is available for free download.
We hope it becomes a valuable resource for people who are interested in the battery industry.

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LG Energy Solution, an established global leader in the battery
industry, boasts a diverse lineup of cells and modules that enhance EV performance.

If you’ve already gained knowledge about batteries through ENSOLPEDIA,
we invite you to explore the extensive information on the wide range of
products and technologies of LG Energy Solution!

You can find more information in the download below.

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「2023 ENSOLPEDIA」 User Guide

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