[InterBattery Europe 2023 On-Site Sketch] LG Energy Solution Showcases its Secondary Battery Technology in Munich, Germany!

In June, global secondary battery companies gathered in Munich, Germany, for InterBattery Europe 2023, a specialized exhibition held from June 14th to 16th. LG Energy Solution showcased its unique technology, solidifying its position in the European battery market. Let’s explore Munich and InterBattery Europe 2023 with a free-spirited MBTI ‘P’ type employee.

STEP 1. Spontaneity Mode Activated: Nymphenburg Palace – Viktualienmarkt – The Siegestor

The Munich journey began at ‘Nymphenburg Palace,’ a beautiful palace named after a nymph. Inside is the stunning Great Hall with enchanting murals on the ceiling and the queens’ chambers.

Next was ‘Viktualienmarkt,’ a bustling market filled with delicious treats like fruits, sausages, and cheeses. You wouldn’t want to miss the delight of tasting Germany’s iconic pretzels and gelato.

After a quick snack, it was time to hop on a tram to reach the famous ‘Siegestor.’ This memorial arch is crowned with four brave Bavarian lions guarding a lady.

STEP 2. Arrival at InterBattery Europe 2023: Exploring Electric Cars with LG Energy Solution Batteries

After the city tour, it was time to explore ‘InterBattery Europe 2023’. It was held at the same convention center as ‘ess Europe 2023’. Here, you can check out the tech skills of global secondary battery companies.

Following your intuition, you’ll find your way around to LG Energy Solution’s booth. Right in the middle is the LG-powered Volkswagen ID.3, powered by LG Energy Solution batteries. It boasts a driving range of up to 559km on a single charge, meeting European standards (WLTP).

Right next door, you’ll see the Renault Megane e-Tech zone. Here, you can see electric cars equipped with LG Energy Solution batteries up close. You can instantly spot the differences from internal combustion engines by opening the hood yourself.

STEP 3. Discovering LG Energy Solution’s Battery Variety

A’ Small Battery Zone’ is at the back of the exhibition hall. Here, you can explore the 2170 and 1865 batteries that are in the same shape and size and offer high productivity. Both used a circular metal casing that enhances durability and provides advantages for fire prevention.

You can also learn about pouch batteries using AR in the ‘Small Battery Zone.’ LG Energy Solution manufactures lightweight, versatile pouch batteries for smartphones, laptops, and smartwatches.

In InterBattery Europe 2023, you can find the ‘Freeform Battery’ and the curved ‘Curved Battery’ that let you break out of the rectangular battery stereotype. The freeform battery optimizes space in compact devices and offers high energy storage capacity, making it the world’s first irregularly shaped battery. The curved battery combines ergonomic design with advanced technology to power VR devices efficiently.

Moreover, there’s an experience space where you can virtually install LG Energy Solution batteries into mobility devices using MR glasses. You can equip high-capacity, high-output NCM batteries weighing hundreds or thousands of kilograms in various mobility applications like cars, UAMs, and ships.

STEP 4. Studying Batteries with Pioneering Technology

Stepping out of the virtual world, a model of all people’s dream car, the Porsche Taycan, equipped with LG Energy Solution’s batteries, is on display. These batteries grafted the world’s first commercially successful silicon anode material and ‘Double Layer Slot Die Coating (DLD)*’ technology, making it possible to cover a maximum of 100km with a quick 5-minute charge. These high-quality batteries are supplied to major European customers, such as Volkswagen, Renault, Porsche, Volvo, Daimler, Stellantis, and more.

*Double Layer Slot Die Coating: A platform technology that ensures a more uniform distribution of binders within the electrode and boosts overall performance and productivity, including battery charging speed, by enhancing binder efficiency compared to the traditional single-layer method.

Did you enjoy our MBTI’ P’ type employee’s on-site sketch of InterBattery Europe 2023? It was a day filled with opportunities to experience and explore LG Energy Solution’s competitiveness.

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