[ees Europe 2023 On-Site Sketch] LG Energy Solution Captivating Munich with Cutting-Edge Batteries

LG Energy Solution made waves of innovation in Munich, Germany. At the world’s largest Energy Storage System (ESS) exhibition, “ees Europe 2023”, held from June 14th to 16th, LG Energy Solution showcased its battery technology! To take a closer look at the batteries displayed, a meticulous and well-prepared MBTI “J” type member took on the task. Enjoying every nook and cranny of Munich and examining the ees Europe 2023 site, J’s story begins now.

PLAN 1. Tourist Route Organized Using Excel: Exploring Marienplatz – Residenz – Biergärten

The first destination of the tour is the iconic landmark of Munich, Germany, “Marienplatz”. Around the golden statue of Mary, crowds gradually begin to gather in front of the clock tower, and after a short wait, the Glockenspiel puppet show, which has been performed for over a century, proceeded. The Glockenspiel shows two events on different floors. The upper floor tells the story of the marriage of the local Duke Wilhelm V, while the lower floor depicts the joyous moment when the Black Death, a plague pandemic that spread in medieval Europe, ended.

The next plan is to visit “Munich Residenz”, the most magnificent palace museum in Europe. The splendid interiors feel like they envelop the entire building in a cloak of treasures.

After delighting the eyes, it is time to please the palate. In Munich, you can savor traditional German food and beer at the many beer gardens, known as “Biergärten”, scattered throughout the city. The melodies of musical instruments that fill the air of Biergärten are soothing to the ears. Here, you can indulge in various traditional German dishes, from schnitzel to schweinshaxe and sausages, to your heart’s content.

PLAN 2. Entering the World’s Largest ESS Exhibition, ‘ees Europe 2023’

Let’s depart from Munich’s tourist attractions to make the most of today’s highlight.

Following the pre-researched route, the destination reached is the world’s largest Energy Storage System (ESS) exhibition, ”ees Europe 2023”! The entry process involves picking up a large pamphlet resembling the size of a world map and presenting the pre-prepared QR code tickets.

Following the energy of the global number one battery company leads directly to the LG Energy Solution booth!

PLAN 3. Exploring Grid-Scale Storage System

The first spot to explore is the Grid-scale Storage system. Here, you can get information about power grid batteries and take a look at the brand-new LFP products with 22% higher energy density and improved safety.

In addition, you can explore LG Energy Solution’s unique “UPS battery” and “S-FRAME Pack” here. The UPS battery provides a stable power supply in the event of sudden power outages in critical facilities that operate around the clock, such as data centers and communication facilities. The newly released UPS battery features increased energy density while significantly reducing the installation space required.

The S-FRAME Pack, which is the pack that goes into the UPS battery, fundamentally prevents the spread of fire and explosions, thereby enhancing battery safety. This pack was selected as a finalist for the 2023 ees AWARD, an award given to innovative products!

Next to the S-FRAME Pack, the ‘Rack* System’ capable of handling capacities up to 1,500V (volts) is displayed.

*Rack: Battery cells come together to form packs, and multiple packs are assembled within the ESS system to create the final rack.

PLAN 4. LG Energy Solution’s Residential ESS Product Lineup 

What’s more, LG Energy Solution offers its “Residential ESS”. The residential ESS can be configured with a high-output three-phase inverter*. Additionally, two brand-new products were showcased: the enhanced “Prime+” and “FLEX” which boasts premium modular components and versatile expansion capabilities tailored to customer’s needs. 

* High-output three-phase inverter: A device that converts DC (Direct Current) power into AC (Alternating Current).

At this exhibition, LG Energy Solution introduced its new residential ESS brand, “LG enblock”. “Enblock” stands for “energy” plus “block” and signifies a space containing energy. The 1st generation “LG enblock E”, which boasts easy installation and features LFP packs for economic benefits, and “LG enblock S”, noted for its elegant design and automatic fire suppression features for enhanced safety, were displayed.

PLAN 5. Exploring Battery Cells, the Core Technology of All Products

We explored the battery cell, the core technology of all products, at ees Europe 2023. From LFP cells using lithium, phosphate, and iron to NCM cells using nickel, cobalt, and manganese, we could look into the full spectrum of LG Energy Solution’s technological prowess.

We hope you enjoyed the story of an organized and prepared MBTI J-type member who enjoyed both tourism and the world’s largest ESS exhibition, “ees Europe 2023”, in Munich, Germany—a place where culture, art, and science come together.

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