[IN:CHARGE] Cho-hui Lee of the NFF Digital Twin Team contributes to stable battery mass production with the virtual factory

What if there is a virtual factory that is identical to a physical factory? This virtual factory might help advance the actual production process further by conducting commissioning and research on real-time quality prediction simulation technology with it. What enables this is called “Digital Twin” technology. The NFF Digital Twin Team of LG Energy Solution is maximizing productivity and facility operation using the technology. In this session of IN:CHARGE, we are going to meet Cho-hui Lee of the NFF Digital Twin Team and investigate her role in the team!

Q. Please introduce yourself.

Hi. I am Cho-hui Lee of the NFF Digital Twin Team that contributes to stable battery mass production using the virtual factory. I manage digital twin assets, build an integrated platform to harness it, and work on advanced technology. As I do so, I seek to offer an environment where engineers can efficiently harness a digital twin and stabilize the mass-production system ahead of schedule.

Q. What is digital twin technology?

A digital twin is a virtual representation of a physical object or properties, with the real data digitally replicated. We build a twin factory, a replica of a physical one, in virtual reality and simulate diverse possible situations that can really happen, and predict the result. Accordingly, we can transcend the boundaries of the reality with a digital twin.

Q. What are the qualifications required to work at the NFF Digital Twin Team?

Since the direction of the development of a digital twin is often decided through cooperation with different departments, communication ability is essential. Also, you need insight to imagine diverse situations because a digital twin offers real-time predictions on issues that are hard to recognize in reality as well as effective responses to such issues.

Q. What is your own expertise in doing the job?

I have the technology expertise necessary for establishing a smart factory system such as MES*. Although the prediction technology using digital twins is gaining the spotlight, there are not many examples of actually adopting it yet. So, I’m taking the lead in introducing the technology through cooperation and seminars with global leaders with the pioneering mind of “I’ll make history!”

Also, I keep studying facilities, processes and information technology necessary for establishing a digital twin in order to respond to the changing technology trend and obtain a wide range of knowledge.

*MES: Short for manufacturing execution system, MES collects accurate data of the shop floor and implements real-time monitoring, work process tracking, and defect control

Q. How could your work at LG Energy Solution contribute to society?

A digital twin is used for diverse purposes such as product development, performance optimization, and maintenance prediction. It can help cut production costs, improve productivity, and protect the environment by enabling efficient use of energy.

I would like to enhance battery quality and further increase efficiency, designing and verifying the performance of batteries with the digital twin technology. I will continue working hard so that LG Energy Solution can set the criteria of global mass-production with its infinite technological talent!

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