[IN:CHARGE] Jeong-hyeon In of the Diagnostic Development for BMS Safety Team builds data management systems with his data analysis capabilities

Short for Battery Management System, the BMS is a controlling system that keeps the battery in optimum condition. It monitors the current, voltage, and temperature of the battery through the sensor and controls the battery to prevent overcharging, overdischarging or overcurrent. Jeong-hyeon In of the Diagnostic Development for BMS Safety Team is dedicated to making effective BMS. Let’s find out what she does at his team!

Q. Please introduce yourself.

Hi. I am Jeong-hyeon In and I develop diagnostic logics of BMS and apply them at the Diagnostic Development for BMS Safety Team. I develop logics that allow preemptive check and diagnosis of signals that occur in the cell. Also, I receive data of the vehicle and correct and adjust them so that they can be applied to BMS.

Q. What do you need to work at the Diagnostic Development for BMS Safety Team?

You have to be familiar with checking and analyzing a lot of data. Such qualifications are necessary because my team mostly deals with data and has to draw a conclusion with numbers.

You also need to be good at cooperation. We often cooperate with many other teams to harness the analyzed data. So, it helps to maintain good relations with others you work with.

Q. What do you do to improve your professional abilities?

I majored in mechanical engineering. At first, I was not comfortable with the data work of the BMS team. So, I took in-house Python classes to enhance my data analysis capabilities.

Then, I practiced visualizing the data and comparing and analyzing them. Many times, I could not get the grasp of the data when they were made of numbers, and then, I would draw graphics with them. I learned by graphing the data and comparing and analyzing them.

Eventually, I participated in the project for developing a new Python code for analyzing vehicle test data, and now, I am applying the result on verifying diagnosis. That work helped reduce human errors* and inefficient work hours, and I felt great achievement.

*Human error: Mistakes that take place due to physical or mental limitations of humans

Q. What do you do to build your own expertise?

I am deeply interested in deep learning and machine learning as they can be the “tool for data analysis.” If I use them well, I can analyze a lot of data effectively.

In addition, I entered the graduate school that teaches data science to get more expertise. I believe I would be able to develop an in-depth understanding of data and harness the knowledge at work. Also, I believe I could get new insight by adding the knowledge on data science from the graduate school to my knowledge on process and design from the undergraduate program. That would be my own expertise.

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