[Better Life] “I design small customized pouch-type cells, and find out what needs to be improved to perfect the cells!” – A day of Hyun-jun Jeon at the Mobility & IT Pouch-type Cell Development Team

Pouch-type batteries are known for their compactness, thinness, and high energy density. They also offer the flexibility to be customized into various shapes, making them ideal for a broad spectrum of IT devices. LG Energy Solution boasts employees who oversee the overall cell development process to ensure the production of pouch-type cells tailored to the clients’ requirements. Let’s meet Hyun-jun Jeon who specializes in developing small pouch-type cells!

I’m Hyun-jun Jeon and I work for the development of
small pouch-type cells at LG Energy Solution’s R&D Campus Daejeon!
Among them, I’m in charge of developing pouch-type cells for laptops.😆

I’m currently working on cell design.
I strive to develop pouch-type cells with a thinner design and
enhanced performance that can be used for thinner laptops.😁
Once the cells are manufactured,
I have to see whether the thickness and
capacity of the cells match the designed specifications.
As I do so, I identify areas for improvement.

I have a special lunch plan today.👀
When the weather permits,
I sometimes enjoy having a picnic lunch with my colleagues.
The lake in the R&D Campus Daejeon is so beautiful! Isn’t it?😆

I have a meeting with clients in the afternoon.
I check their requirements such as thickness, capacity,
and performance of the cells at the meeting.
Above all, it is crucial to identify and understand the requirements correctly.
Because we should manufacture the cells according to the client’s specific needs.

Now, I need to test if we are capable of
producing the cells that meet the client’s requirements.
I experiment with various raw materials and manufacturing methods to find out
which of them are fit for making the cells that match the client’s needs.


Eureka! I found the way!🌟
Now I can go home without worries!
It was such a meaningful day! Bye!😁

testing cells to analyzing the produced cells and refining them to meet clients’ requirements. As the demand for mobile devices surged recently, the area of applications for small pouch-type batteries is also broadening. Accordingly, the mobility & IT pouch-type cell development team is expected to make a lot of contributions! Please look forward to the next episode of Better Life!

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