A Better Life with Batteries – Pouch Battery

How can we make lighter, thinner, and highly energy-dense batteries?

This is one of the biggest challenges for battery researchers. Today, we will look at a clue to the question. It is a bag-shaped battery with the cathode, anode, and electrolyte in it: Pouch battery.

Higher Energy Density and Versatility

Pouch batteries are made by piling the ingredients up in layers inside an aluminum foil bag, instead of rolling it like in making a cylindrical battery. This method helps fill up the space completely, increasing energy density.

Pouch batteries are wider and thinner than cylindrical or prismatic batteries thanks to the film wrapping of the electrodes. That feature allowed to produce pouch batteries in various shapes and sizes, so they have become widely used for electronic devices as well as EVs.

High-tech Manufacturing Method

Production costs of pouch batteries are high because they require highly advanced technology and the manufacturing process is complex. Also, the gas that remains in the pouch after putting the ingredients and electrolyte into it before sealing needs to be sucked out.

LG Energy Solution has improved manufacturing efficiency and cost competitiveness by developing its own degassing method in which the battery cell is erected to effectively remove unnecessary gas.

The Future of Pouch Batteries

To make a light, small, and long-lasting battery, high energy density is essential. The pouch battery perfectly fits the requirements.

The attractive battery had the second largest market share (27.8%), just behind the prismatic type in the EV battery market in 2020. Experts predict that it will account for 45% of the market by 2025. With such prospects, we can look forward to how it will fare in the market.

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