Returning Used Water to Nature Cleanly! LG Energy Solution’s Commitment to Water Management

Purifying used water or considering solutions to minimize its usage is essential since these can reduce environmental impact through these processes. In response, LG Energy Solution strictly manages water used in battery manufacturing and at its facilities.

LG Energy Solution’s Efforts to Reduce Wastewater

To create a cleaner Earth, LG Energy Solution has set goals to reduce water pollutants emissions fundamentally. It has established its own standards, less than half of the legally permitted emission standards. As such, it has established and is applying stringent water quality management standards for its facilities.

Moreover, it also realizes a reduction in wastewater and pollutant discharge through thorough monitoring. Ultimately, it is making various efforts to minimize the environmental impact caused by wastewater generation, including improvements to existing wastewater treatment systems and enhancing the management of water pollutants.

LG Energy Solution’s Wastewater Management to Minimize Environmental Impact through Daily Inspections

First, LG Energy Solution operates its own wastewater treatment plants and shared treatment facilities, applying standards that are stricter than legal requirements. It not only checks the total wastewater generation daily but also has established a water quality monitoring system. This system regularly checks for water pollution according to official testing procedures, focusing on items that emit water pollutants and legally regulated substances listed on the approved standards for wastewater discharge facilities. Moreover, for more meticulous monitoring, it requests evaluations from external agencies at least once a year, following environmental assessment standards.

LG Energy Solution thoroughly identifies improvement areas to reduce pollutants and wastewater discharge. It is enhancing its wastewater management system by upgrading facilities such as the wastewater treatment system that cleanses and condenses flue gas and dust from battery manufacturing and industrial facilities and reusing concentrated wastewater from reverse osmosis (RO) as cooling water.

This time, we explored LG Energy Solution’s wastewater management within its water resource management system. We also delved into how it establishes its own standards, stricter than legal limits, to minimize environmental impact. Please continue to support LG Energy Solution’s efforts to conserve Earth’s resources and work towards an eco-friendly future!

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