[Better Life] “I design refreshing programs to enhance employee satisfaction and improve their work environment!”_A day of Gue-young Jang at the Joyful Workplace Design Team

LG Energy Solution is committed to creating a “joyful workplace culture,” in the belief that we can best achieve customer value by making employees happy. There are our members who are dedicated to designing various mental and physical care programs for employees. In today’s Better Life, we will explore Gue-young Jang’s efforts to promote a positive work atmosphere.

I’m Gue-young Jang and I work at the Joyful Workplace Team of
the LG Energy Solution Ochang Energy Plant.😁
I create an organizational culture where our employees
can enjoy their work life and be happy.😆

Among many tasks of the team,
my job is to plan and manage family care programs.👨‍👨‍👧‍👧
The programs include various events, such as
“bring your family to work day,” spring and autumn picnics,
vacation activities for employees’ children,
and Christmas celebrations, all aimed at fostering a joyful office life
for employees and their families.👀
I feel a sense of accomplishment to see them happy.😆

Currently, I am in a meeting with my team at Entral Park
to prepare for the SWF* event upcoming next week.💬
The Entral Park is a space designed by the Joyful Workplace Team!🙌
We regularly check if employees are having
any issues when using the space.👀

The Entral Park is a resting space
any LG Energy Solution employees can freely use when they want.
It is one of the things we are proud of!👍

*SWF: An abbreviation for “Saturday with Family,” an in-house family event of LG Energy Solution.

Our team will continue developing a variety of programs.
I hope our work makes employees feel more satisfied with their office life
and become proud to be a member of LG Energy Solution!🌟

I will work even harder to make ours the most joyful workplace in the world.🏆
So, here’s to everyone’s happy work life! 😁

We looked at Gue-young Jang’s hard work to create a joyful work environment. Thanks to her and her team’s efforts, LG Energy Solution, the global leader in the battery industry, could create a “desired workplace for employees.” We’ll dive into the Better Life of another LG Energy Solution employee in the next episode!

* Check out the YouTube Short, “[Better Life] Gue-young Jang from Joyful Workplace Design Team”

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