LG Energy Solution’s “Corporate Culture” Motivating Employees to Feel Happy to “Get up and Go to work”

The key to LG Energy Solution’s ascent to becoming the world’s leading battery company with ongoing innovation in battery technology lies in its world-class team. To support these team members, LG Energy Solution is cultivating a “sustainable workplace”. Creating a work environment where employees find joy and satisfaction is paving the way for mutual growth and strengthening its competitive edge.

LG Energy Solution received certification as a “Great Place to Work”

LG Energy Solution provides various programs for its employees. It is building a cultural atmosphere that allows its employees to engage in their work in a healthy and wholesome manner and is actively supporting employees’ career transitions in preparation for an aging society. Moreover, LG Energy Solution offers many programs to support employees’ families, striving to create a family-friendly corporate culture. Through these efforts, it aims to become a “great place to work” where employees “want to come to work”.

Thanks to the joint efforts of its team members and the company, LG Energy Solution achieved a positive response rate of 71% for all items and a satisfaction rate of 79% for excellent satisfaction items in the 2022 employee satisfaction survey. Based on these results, LG Energy Solution received certification as a “Great Place to Work” from a US certification organization. It also obtained the “Family-Friendly Company,” a certification given to businesses and public institutions that excel in implementing family-friendly policies.

All about the Wellness Care Program, revitalizing both physical and mental health!

What programs does LG Energy Solution provide for its employees? Firstly, it offers a variety of programs to help its employees manage their physical and mental health.

LG Energy Solution established “Entral Park”, a refreshing space for its employees, at Ochang Energy Plant, Daejeon R&D Center, and Yeouido headquarters. It includes cafe lounges and food trucks for dining, group yoga zones (GX zones), fitness centers, screen golf zones, and more. Additionally, there are nap rooms (querencia), sky lounges, game zones, and mini libraries to enjoy.

Various events are also held at Entral Park, including continuous healing programs such as meditation, yoga, and aromatherapy, aimed at healing the mind and bodies of its members. It also provides online stress detox programs for employees to enjoy at home.

Furthermore, there are Healing Trips and Online Healing Programs. “Healing Trips” are for employees who are worn out from short or long overseas business trips and heavy workloads. They can recover using the Healing Center located in Gangwon-do. Surrounded by nature, employees can enjoy meditation and healthy natural meals, which help restore the energy of the body and mind, and find the best way to manage stress. Employees who have difficulty traveling can use the “online healing program” that is operated monthly. This program includes aromatherapy, stretching yoga, coffee meditation, and relaxation meditation.

Lastly, every Wednesday is Healing Day at LG Energy Solution, where employees can enjoy various contents. Through such activities, LG Energy Solution aims to provide employees with opportunities to take a break from work and enrich their lives with positive experiences.

Steps towards a “Family-Friendly” company, offering Family and Employee Lifecycle Care Program

LG Energy Solution offers various programs for employees in family care as well as individual lifecycle.

Various family and friend invitation events are ongoing. On the last Friday evening of each month, a “Friend’s Night” takes place at Entral Park, where employees can invite their friends. The event includes a night tour, performances, and food to enjoy. 

Every Saturday, LG Energy Solution opens “Entral Park” to employees’ families and offers an office tour program. In addition, special events are held on significant dates. On Children’s Day (May 5th), various programs are held for employees’ children. On Parents’ Day (May 8th), LG Energy Solution holds an event where it invites parents of overseas employees who are working hard to stabilize overseas subsidiaries. These family invitation programs aim to motivate and inspire employees, enhancing their commitment to the company.

Additionally, LG Energy Solution offers various programs tailored to each family’s life stages. For instance, special lectures for elementary school children to commemorate the new school year are open during March admission season, and career exploration programs are offered during vacation. LG Energy Solution also delivers support gifts to the students preparing for the college entrance exams, and hosts family invitation events for children who have taken the exam. By supporting such customized family-friendly events, LG Energy Solution is striving to evolve into a more family-friendly company. 

Aside from these, parties and contests are held every season, such as New Year, year-end, each season, Lunar New Year, and holidays, to motivate employees’ energy and morale.

We have explored LG Energy Solution’s organizational culture so far. Please continue to support its journey as it advances as a company that prioritizes its members’ happiness and fosters mutual growth!

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