Stop CO₂ emissions! – LG Energy Solution’s plan to reduce battery carbon footprint

A carbon footprint is the sum total of greenhouse gas emissions (mainly CO₂) generated in the entire process of producing a product or service, from collecting raw materials to manufacturing, distribution, use, and disposal. So, managing the carbon footprint is the most important in reducing CO₂. Accordingly, LG Energy Solution is making enormous efforts to cut the footprints of its battery products.

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LG Energy Solution’s plan for a green future: Cut battery carbon footprints

LG Energy Solution set up a plan on diverse aspects to reduce carbon footprints.

First is to refine its Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) system.
The world is committed to environmental protection. LG Energy Solution, for its part, is strengthening its LCA system, introducing stricter regulation on greenhouse gas emissions and mandatory release of its carbon-related information. It is considering synchronizing data such as information on the use of energy, production, and waste/ wastewater to make the LCA management system more systematic and accurate. The battery maker is also planning to connect the results of the analysis process with carbon footprint certification programs of both home and abroad.

* Life Cycle Assessment: A methodology for a comprehensive analysis on environmental impacts on the air, water, and soil that arise from the use of energy and mineral resources over a product’s entire life cycle (cradle-to-grave), such as material collection, process, assembly, transport, use, and disposal of a product.

Also, LG Energy Solution will manage greenhouse gas emissions of its subcontractors.
LG Energy Solution is analyzing the “hot spots” in the supply chain of 4 major components of lithium-ion batteries. Its plan is to identify the environmental impacts taking place in the supply chain and to reduce them. It has advised its first-tier subcontractors that supply raw materials for each component to migrate to 100% renewable energy by 2025 to reduce carbon emissions in the supply chain. The plan will be further improved by deciding priorities in the migration to renewable energy through advanced analysis on hot spots and by expanding the target to include sub-tier subcontractors.

Last, LG Energy Solution will establish a process to develop low-carbon batteries.
To cut greenhouse gas emissions, a measure to cut carbon emissions from the product development stage is necessary. LG Energy Solution recognized the significance of low-carbon raw materials and low-carbon processes and is simulating a development and production process that emits less carbon.

[Quick info] A passport for batteries? LG Energy Solution joins “Battery Passport” pilot

As such, LG Energy Solution has many plans to cut battery carbon footprints. It is also engaged in the Battery Passport project launched by the Global Battery Alliance (GBA) aimed at making environmental information more transparent.

* Global Battery Alliance: Incubated by the World Economic Forum in 2017, the platform became independent in 2021. Currently, GBA has about 140 members including companies, governments, international organizations, as well as NGOs. Its goal is to establish an economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable battery value chain by 2030.

Prototype battery passports

A battery passport is an open digital platform that offers all information about the battery’s life cycle including from raw material collection to production, consumption, disposal, reuse, and recycle via a QR code on the battery. LG Energy Solution joined GBA in May 2022, becoming the first global battery maker to be a part of the battery passport project.

LG Energy Solution is a member of the Greenhouse Gas Working Group that develops the criteria for releasing carbon information. It has contributed much to the establishment of the prototype battery passports by sharing key information including the basic battery information needed for making a digital passport, logistics, and greenhouse gas emissions generated during the manufacturing process. 

We have covered LG Energy Solution’s efforts for the planet from cutting carbon footprints to the battery passport pilot project. LG Energy Solution will continue to take the lead in establishing a sustainable battery ecosystem and making the planet clean.

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