Sharing the Energy of “Warmth” with Local Communities_Everything about LG Energy Solution’s Community Contributions

Like batteries contribute to the betterment of the world and make our lives more comfortable, LG Energy Solution is committed to living together and sharing warm energy with local communities. The battery manufacturer makes a variety of contributions for society, offering a basis for self-reliance for the vulnerable or those in need, and establishing eco-friendly infrastructure nearby their business sites. LG Energy Solution dreams of achieving mutual prosperity with local communities and going further to create a sustainable future through such efforts.

LG Energy Solution’s 3 Ways of Social Contribution for Resilience of Local Communities

LG Energy Solution has 3 basic ways of social contribution aimed at giving resilience to local communities. They are △ Shared Resilience (mental restoration through sharing) △Social Resilience (offering a chance for self-reliance) and △ Environmental Resilience. LG Energy Solution seeks to prompt changes for the environment, society, and future generations through the ways.

For Mutual Prosperity, LG Energy Solution Contributes to Local Communities

LG Energy Solution provides support in various aspects for mutual prosperity with local communities nearby its business sites both at home and abroad. The support ranges from helping marginalized groups to building renewable energy facilities considering the environment of the areas. As such, LG Energy Solution is developing infrastructure that will help self-reliance of the local communities.

First, LG Energy Solution is committed to nurturing talent in science and technology.

Car battery innovation contest for university students in China

Improving science and technology capabilities of outstanding talent leads to a stronger national power and higher industry competitiveness of the future. Accordingly, LG Energy Solution has a variety of programs to improve science and technology capabilities both at home and abroad.

At home in Korea, the battery manufacturer contributes to nurturing talent in technology through donations to the Customized Education Polymer Program of KAIST. Abroad, overseas branches host a car battery innovation contest for university students in China and make a donation to the Electrification R&D Center of Wrocław University of Technology & Science in Poland. Also, one in the U.S. is co-hosting a job training program that includes battery production with the Girl Scouts.

Establishment of the “Cheongju Hope Green Electricity Generator” in December 2020 is one of its community activities.

Cheongju Hope Green Electricity Generator, Delivery ceremony of Hope Green Scholarship

LG Energy Solution built a 410kW solar power facility at a transport hub in the northern part of Cheongju, partnering with the local government and an NGO for the generator construction project. The facility, if operated for 20 years, is expected to reduce a total of 4,900 tons of greenhouse gases, or 244 tons a year. In particular, part of the revenue generated from the facility is used for sponsoring the Hope Green Energy Center in Cheongju. The fund is helping teenagers and young adults from vulnerable families and nurturing young environmentalists.

Also, its DSS (Dream Sharing Stage) program supports artistically gifted children and young adults with developmental disabilities.

DSS_DSS Exhibition, production, and sales of goods of the DSS

The DSS program offers customized one-on-one education of special art and music teachers as well as psychotherapy to artistically gifted children and young adults with developmental disabilities on the recommendation of specialized organizations. LG Energy Solution provides them with the environment where the gifted students can grow into self-reliant artists after the program. Those who completed the program take their first steps as artists by either displaying their artworks or performing at Entral Park, one of LG Energy Solution’s business sites in South Korea. In addition, the battery maker helps them realize their dream even after the program by getting them registered as artists with art exhibition platform of THISABLED, a social enterprise that looks for talent with a developmental disability and organizes exhibitions. Besides, it produces goods that were made based on their works, sells them to LG Energy Solution members, and donates the revenue to those in need.

LG Energy Solution members practice sharing through social contribution

LG Energy Solution also has a variety of social contribution programs where its members share warmth with local communities.

(From left) Hamsoli_ Volunteer group consisting of LG Energy Solution members, Volunteer service for abandoned dogs, Food kitchen, Ensol touch

LG Energy Solution has Hamsoli, the volunteer group of its members.
Hamsoli, meaning “Together, Ensol,” in Korean, is a volunteer group of Energy Solution employees from its Seoul headquarters and business sites in Daejeon and Ochang. It was formed to help those in need and is practicing sharing in unison. In 2022, 170 participated in a total of 21 events which include helping abandoned dogs, plogging, and giving free food to the senior citizens in need in each of their areas.

In particular, Hamsoli is connecting its service with enjoyable job activities in an effort to create a culture of volunteer service and sharing among employees. For example, it conducts a survey on “Volunteer activities you want to take part in” and includes the most popular activities in its volunteer service schedule.

“Ensol Touch,” the kiosk dedicated to donation, across domestic business sites is also promoting donation.
LG Energy Solution employees can learn stories of children from the vulnerable class and voluntarily donate to them by simply touching Ensol Touch. There are a total of 8 such kiosks in the Yeouido headquarters and business sites in Ochang, Daejeon, and Gwacheon, sponsoring 12 children from July 2022 to June 2023.

LG Energy Solution will continue seeking ways to live together with society and grow along with society. Please look forward to our activities with a warm heart!