[Keyword Interview] What is LG Energy Solution for LG Energy Solution Wrocław employees?

In Wroclaw in Poland, a city emerging as a hub of Europe’s high-tech industries, LG Energy Solution Wroclaw boasts its largest battery production plant in Europe. Here, employees from various countries as well as Poland are working together. They were asked to use keywords and answer what they are proud of with LG Energy Solution that is establishing itself as a global battery leader.

Q. Hello. Will you introduce yourselves?

(June, Audit Team)
Hello. I am working in the Audit Team of LG Energy Solution in Wroclaw.

(Alina, Translation Part)
I am from the Translation Part in Wroclaw.

(Marcin, Digital Transformation Team)
I am responsible for AI development as a part of the Digital Transformation (DX) Team.

Keyword.1 World Top and Global Customer

(Marcin, Digital Transformation Team)
What comes first to my mind when I think of LG Energy Solution is the “World’s Top.” LG Energy Solution Wroclaw is our first production plant in Europe and one of the largest battery producers in the world. We are playing a significant role as a global leader.

(June, Audit Team)
LG Energy Solution is in cooperation with many European countries as well as Poland in many aspects. Therefore, “Global Customer” can be another word that depicts us.

Keyword.2 Smart Factory

(Marcin, Digital Transformation Team)
One of the important aspects we can be proud of is the “Smart Factory.” We are changing our battery facilities into a smart factory. Right now we have factories 3.0 and 4.0, and we are going to shift even higher, for example, the Robotic Process Automation, or RPA.* A part of the transition is to increase the level of automated production lines. As we move into a digital world, we can reduce the amount of paper generated and speed up our work.

*RPA: A technology that automates repetitive tasks using software bots.

Keyword.3 Data-driven

(Marcin, Digital Transformation Team)
LG Energy Solution makes decisions based on data. So, we can say our company is “Data-driven.” Since we analyze many KPIs* and many metrics* based on data, we can make the right and clear decisions.

* KPI: Key Performance Indicators

* Metrics: quantitative measurements for work performance

Keyword.4 Many Cultures and Human-Centered

(Alina, Translation Part)
Another word of mine is “Many Cultures.” Employees with different nationalities share their cultures and respect each other at the global offices and plants of LG Energy Solution. Here in Wroclaw, we have not only Polish and Korean people here working, but also people from other cultures. I think that’s a huge empowerment for our company.

(June, Audit Team)
Sharing cultures and creativity inspires us to come up with ideas at our work and working system. So, I think people from different cultures working together is important.

(Marcin, Digital Transformation Team)
As I work at LG Energy Solution, I feel that the company pays big attention to employees. Many programs and activities are organized to make them want to work here, and this work will be good for them. So, I would like to say LG Energy Solution’s “Human-centered” philosophy is another word.

We learned the words employees at LG Energy Solution Wroclaw think represent the company best and could take a peek at its present and future. Apparently, LG Energy Solution is poised to further improve its production capabilities with its competitive global employees.

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