[Keyword Interview] What is LG Energy Solution for LG Energy Solution Michigan employees?

LG Energy Solution could have become a global battery maker thanks to its creative employees doing their parts across the world. Their backgrounds may be different, but they all work hard to achieve the single goal of achieving innovation in batteries. Here is what employees at LG Energy Solution Michigan came up with when they thought about LG Energy Solution.

Q. Could you please introduce yourselves?

(Emily Gilcrest, HR specialist)
I am an HR specialist here at LG Energy Solution, Michigan. I focus on employee engagement. I’m just really encouraging our employees to enjoy their time that they spend while they’re at LG.

(Esther Park, Sales and Marketing)
I am in U.S. Sales and Marketing. What I do is to meet monthly sales goals and make shipment plans for production.

(Armandine Uwimana, Electrotechnology Engineer)
I am an electrotechnology engineer. I spend time troubleshooting, and coming up with innovative projects to get our process running smoothly.

Keyword.1 Future

(Esther Park, Sales and Marketing)
What first came up when I thought of LG Energy Solution was “future.” Electric car batteries are the future. Everyone here wants to get an electric vehicle. So, future is my word for LG Energy Solution, since it produces electric car batteries.

(Emily Gilcrest, HR specialist)
I think so, too. Not only for the future of efficient and sustainable energy but also for our career here in Michigan. Because we’re growing or developing in this location.

(Armandine Uwimana, Electrotechnology Engineer)
We are among the few global companies that are putting our foot first in creating electric batteries. We are leading the charge in cutting-edge technology and I guess “future” is right.

Keyword.2 Innovation

(Emily Gilcrest, HR specialist)
Then, I think of “innovation.” We are trying different things that haven’t been done before and being a world-class leader in the products that we make.

(Armandine Uwimana, Electrotechnology Engineer)
I see that every day when I come into work. Since we don’t have a lot to go off because we are the first few companies doing a lot of the things that we are doing. We have to be innovative in problem-solving and our critical thinking!

(Emily Gilcrest, HR specialist)
We think about how we can be innovative not only in the product that we make but how we treat our people.

Keyword.3 Growing and Learning

(Esther Park, Sales and Marketing)
The third word is “growing/learning.” The reason is because LG Energy Solution is definitely a fast-growing company. We have more customers coming in and then we have more contracts. So, from new customers, we can learn new things. So, we can learn from people from engineering or from HR and from Korean employees and also from people here.

(Armandine Uwimana, Electrotechnology Engineer)
In particular, the HR group is not only giving us the resources that we need but also giving us things we look forward to. To keep us engaged and keep us having those interactions with each other. We always get help for growing/learning.

Keyword.4 Global

(Emily Gilcrest, HR specialist)
The next word for LG Energy Solution is “global.” We have plants in South Korea, North America, China, Poland, Indonesia, and all over the world. So, we really do make a global impact on the world. It’s really fulfilling to be part of it.

Keyword.5 Hard working and Work together

(Esther Park, Sales and Marketing)
We all look different. But we all work for the same goal for the same company for the future of electric vehicle batteries. That is our sustainable energy and working for the goal is really awesome. So, I’d like to say “hard working.”

(Armandine Uwimana, Electrotechnology Engineer)
We are hard-working, but we also produce quality products and it’s definitely reflected in the products we put out there for our customers. Quality first. I appreciate all the engineers there working a lot and also at night and in the morning to put the best quality out there for customers and I’m very proud of it.

(Emily Gilcrest, HR specialist)
Another one that I had was a collaboration where we are able to work together on different teams being in sales, HR, and engineering. But yet we still interact on a daily basis and we get to see the work that each other is doing.

We asked a question on the images and keywords of LG Energy Solution to LG Energy Solution Michigan employees and have learned their own thoughts and goals!

LG Energy Solution will further increase our global impact with overseas employees through innovation.

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