[Better Life] “I develop and inspect the smart management system to ensure batteries operate without problems!” – A day of Ji-su Kim at the BMS Development and Diagnostics Team

The BMS (Battery Management System) is engineered to provide seamless functioning of batteries in EVs and ESS (Energy Storage System). LG Energy Solution is dedicated to development and establishment of BMS for not only manufacturing of batteries but also enhancing battery performance. In this episode of Better Life, we will explore the role of Ji-su Kim of the BMS Development and Diagnosis Team.

Hello! I’m Ji-su Kim and
I develop and diagnose BMS
at LG Energy Solution’s R&D Campus Daejeon.😁

Wanna know what BMS is?
BMS stands for Battery Management System.
It is a system that manages the battery in real time
to ensure its smooth operation without problems.🔋🚗

For example, I design logic to make a warning sign
show up on the dashboard if even a single battery
among the many in the vehicle has a problem.

Maybe I unconsciously tend to design everything at any time
 Is it a kind of occupational hazard?
Because even when I play Tekken at Entrel Park during breaks,
I make a meticulous plan to win!✌️✌️

I’m going to extract data from electric vehicles today.
I connect a laptop to the underside of the driver’s seat to gather data,
which I then visualize and analyze using programming languages. 💻

Enhancing the system’s accuracy through continued data analysis and
communicating with my clients based on the results is a vital part of my work.

But the day doesn’t end here!
The three essentials of modern living are next on my list:
bench presses, deadlifts, and squats.🏋
I’ll head to the gym inside Entrel Park for the three!
Catch you later!

We delved into a day of Ji-su Kim, who contributes to the smooth operation of electric vehicles through data analysis, as well as BMS development and diagnostics. Excelling in his professional duties while also emphasizing personal development, he truly progresses toward a better life! Keep an eye out for our next episode, where we’ll introduce more LG Energy Solution employees and explore their daily routines!

* Check out the YouTube Short, “[Better Life] Ji Su Kim from BMS Development & Diagnostics“

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