World Battery Tour With LG Energy Solution – Holland, Michigan

LG Energy Solution is active in the global battery market, manufacturing high-performance batteries in Korea and other countries.

In 2012, it opened a production facility in Holland, Michigan, to focus on the North American market. It intends to more than fivefold its manufacturing capacity by 2025. 

In this episode of the World Battery Tour, we will take a look at Holland, Michigan, the third of the five production sites in the United States, as well as LG Energy Solution’s activities in the area.

Michigan, home to the Great Lakes and the automotive industry

Michigan lies in the north-central part of the United States. The name of the state comes from the Indian term “Michigama,” which means “great, big lake.”

As the name suggests, Michigan is surrounded by large, clear lakes. It is made up of two peninsulas and is located on the shores of the Great Lakes. The northern peninsula is located between Lakes Superior, Huron, and Michigan, while the southern peninsula is located between Lakes Michigan and Huron. Michigan is bounded to the west by Wisconsin, and to the south by Indiana and Ohio. The Great Lakes lie between Canada and Michigan’s northern and eastern borders.

What is the most iconic city in Michigan? It is probably Detroit, on the banks of the Detroit River, which connects Lakes St. Clair and Erie. Detroit’s prime location led to the development of the automotive industry. It is now known as the automotive industry’s beating heart, with plants for major corporations such as General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler.

Can you feel a Dutch vibe in Holland, Michigan?

There is a unique location in Michigan where you can experience European culture. It is Holland, Michigan. The city was founded around 1850 by Dutch immigrants on the shores of Lake Michigan.

This history has kept the Dutch tradition alive in Holland to this day. The DeZwaan windmill at Windmill Island Gardens is over 250 years old and the only working Dutch windmill in the United States. In early and mid-May, the city also hosts a tulip festival, where visitors can see traditional Dutch costumes, food, and traditional clogs, Klompen.

LG Energy Solution in Action in Holland, Michigan

In 2012, LG Energy Solution established a manufacturing facility in the unique area of Holland, Michigan. The plant laid the groundwork for the company to take the lead in the North American battery market.

Indeed, the North American electric vehicle industry is predicted to increase at a CAGR of more than 33% between now and 2030. LG Energy Solution is working on a strategy to capitalize on the expanding electric vehicle market and gain a competitive advantage in the North American battery market.

LG Energy Solution also plans to expand its Holland, Michigan plant by 2025. Plant 1 in Holland, Michigan, currently manufactures pouch batteries with an annual capacity of 5 GWh. The new Plant 2 will have a capacity of 26 GWh per year when fully operational, a more than fivefold increase, and will expand the range of battery products.

In addition to producing batteries, the new plant will benefit the local economy. The new plant is expected to create 1,200 jobs in Holland, Michigan, as well as 600 jobs at its Midwest suppliers.

Did you enjoy the Holland, Michigan episode of the World Battery Tour? We will be back in Ohio next time to see what LG Energy Solution is up to.

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