[Better Life] “I supply and manage batteries for the North American battery market!”_A day in the life of Jeong-hwan Kim, Automobile Battery Americas Marketing Team

LG Energy Solution has a systematic production system to respond to the global battery market quickly. Above all, the Marketing Team in the Americas is dedicated to conquering the North American battery market! In the second episode of Better Life, we met Jeong-hwan Kim from the Automobile Battery Americas Marketing Team.

Hello! My name is Jeong-hwan Kim from LG Energy Solution!🖐️
I am in charge of Automobile battery marketing in the Americas. 😁
Our team delivers products on time by accurately identifying the client’s needs.
In addition, we manage the entire mass-production project,
including quality and development tasks,
to ensure that our clients receive high-quality battery products.

Let me tell you about the responsibilities of the Automotive Battery Americas Marketing Team.😎
Given the nature of the work, video conferences with American companies and
business trips to the United States are common.
Thus, I speak English as much as Korean! 🔠🔡
Furthermore, as we prepare a proposal tailored to the clients, a great deal of information is confidential.
Ensuring security is an absolute must, isn’t it?

Today’s team meeting will take place in a special space for employees!
It’s called Entral Park on the 63rd floor of the Yeouido Headquarters!
It includes various areas such as a communication zone for interaction,
a healing zone for relaxation, and an activity zone with entertainment options.
The view of the Han River from here exhilarates me! 👍👍
After an intense team meeting, I take a break with colleagues and relieve stress.

I am back in high gear with a clear mind after recharging at Enteral Park!
I prepare materials for a video conference with team members and a U.S. company. 📄
The conference call is scheduled early in the morning
to accommodate the U.S. time zone.
Let me leave the office a little earlier than usual for tomorrow’s meeting!🖐

We took a glimpse into the day of Jeong-hwan Kim from the Automobile Battery Americas Marketing Team, who leads the North American battery market! His command of the English language, as well as his handling of work, were truly professional. Moreover, we got a glimpse of his excellent singing talent at Entral Park. Please stay tuned for our third Better Life episode featuring a new individual!

* Check out the YouTube Short, “[Better Life] Jeong-hwan Kim from Automobile Batteries Marketing in America.”

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