[Better Life] “I manage not only battery shipping plans and revenue but also take care of clients!”_A day in the life of Sang-bin Han, Mobility and IT Battery Sales Team

Batteries begin their journey with the development of various materials, undergo several manufacturing processes, and finally make their way into customers’ hands. LG Energy Solution’s sales team is responsible for ensuring the delivery of batteries to customers on the requested deadlines and continuously gathering their needs. As the third featured individual of today’s Better Life, let’s meet Sang-bin Han from the Mobility and IT Sales Team.

Hello! My name is Sang-bin Han.😀
I’m in charge of mobility and IT battery sales at LG Energy Solution.
I’m responsible for the delivery of cylindrical EV batteries.
In other words, I manage the overall process to ensure smooth delivery.
I’m currently reviewing the shipping plan.
As the specified quantity must be shipped
within the specified time frame to customers,
communication between departments is crucial!

I’m primarily responsible for delivering battery products manufactured in the factory in Nanjing,
China to the client companies in Shanghai, China.
Thus, the majority of the work is done in Chinese.
I’m reviewing the quality, inventory, and the status of warehouse
to meet this month’s increased sales plan.

After working hard in the morning, it’s already lunchtime!
Shall we go grab some lunch?
I’m in the mood for Chinese food because this morning
I had to do some work that required me to communicate in Chinese.😋
However, today’s menu is Japanese food! 🍴
There are various menu options, so it’s fun to choose and try different dishes!

After lunch, I sometimes go play screen golf with my colleagues
at Entral Park on the 63rd floor of the headquarters. 🏌️‍♂️🏌️‍♀️
When my shots aren’t good, I feel stressed out sometimes.😅

It’s crucial to have an interest in the market and understand customers’ needs in the sales profession.
Our division invites an in-house battery market expert once a month
to learn more about the battery industry as a whole
so that we don’t just get caught up in our work.
It’s been beneficial for my work!

How was Sangbin’s work life, who works hard to deliver the best battery products to the customers safely? His efforts to meet the deadline, his ability to communicate with other departments seamlessly, and his quick uptake of the battery market trends were all on full display. These show that he’s practiced the “Better Life”. Please keep an eye out for the next featured individual of Battery Life!

* Check out the YouTube Short, “[Better Life] Sang-bin Han from charge of Mobility and IT battery sales.”

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