[Better Life] “I plan and manage ESS for grid applications!” – A day in the life of Suan Kim, ESS Product Planning Team 1

LG Energy Solution is committed to making the world a more convenient and improved place through batteries. The dedication of LG Energy Solution employees has contributed to the company’s success in achieving a “Better Life” through batteries. Even today, they are still working hard to provide their customers with the best batteries available. Let us take a look at LG Energy Solution employees’ daily routines! As the first featured individual, we will meet Suan Kim from ESS Product Planning Team 1, who is in charge of planning and managing ESS products.


I’m Suan Kim from the ESS Battery Business Division of LG Energy Solution. 😀

Today, I arrived at work at 7:26 a.m.!⏲️
Do you think it’s too early? “FLEX TIME” allows employees to leave the office early if they begin working early.
Let’s get the day started on a positive note! 😎

I am involved in planning and managing ESS products for power grids.
I am working on creating promotional materials for new products this morning! 📑
Also, I have a meeting with a partner in California. 🗣️👥

ESS (Energy Storage System) is a system
that stores electrical energy produced to supply energy when needed later.
You can think of it as a large battery! 🔋

It can be used for a variety of purposes, including renewable energy integration, commercial and residential use, and even as backup power to reduce the effects of a blackout.
Isn’t it amazing?! Wow! 😉👍

Today’s lunch menu is Korean cuisine! 🍚🍴
The menus at the company cafeteria are all delicious so it’s hard to stick to a weight-loss diet 😢

I’m also the Junior Board representative of the ESS Battery Division.
Today, I will meet with the ESS Business Director to discuss the feedback from the Voice of Employees (VOE) session on organizational culture and look for areas for improvement!
As a Junior Board representative, I take pride in being at the forefront of creating a workplace environment where people want to come to work!👍

We explored Su-an’s daily routines, as she is in charge of planning ESS projects at the heart of renewable energy. Particularly impressive is the way she makes use of FLEX TIME to maximize productivity. Who will be the next person in the spotlight? Please stay tuned!

* Check out the YouTube Short, “[Better Life] Suan Kim from ESS Product Planning Team.”

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