All About Expat Life in Poland – Part 2

In the first series of All About Expat Life in Poland, we learned about the work environment and welfare of LG Energy Solution’s expatriates in Wrocław. In the second part, we’ll hear their candid stories about everything, from their struggles to adjust to life in Poland to their heartfelt encouragement for those looking for a job at LG Energy Solution!

Q. What steps did you take to relocate to Poland as an expat?

(Jae-yeon Shin, European Sales Part)
I believed that I needed to comprehend the cultural and emotional aspects of local employees in order to work well with them, so I spent time watching European movies or cultural videos and reading books. Accepting the local culture as much as possible and attempting to understand the local employees will help me collaborate with them.

(Seung-cheol Song, Mass Production Technology Part)
Before becoming an expat, I had the opportunity to travel to Poland on business. I was part of the production team and tried to pay attention to what was happening in the field and how the workers were doing their jobs. When I returned to Poland as an expatriate and had to develop a new setup, the field experience from the business trip was highly beneficial.

Q. Is there anything distinctive about Polish culture that we don’t find in Korea?

(Jae-yeon Shin, European Sales Part)
In Poland, pedestrians wield absolute power. They will cross the street even if there is no crosswalk. They did not look at cars as they crossed the busy street. Drivers must avoid them so pedestrians are not injured. It is important for business travelers to keep this in mind.

(Seung-cheol Song, Mass Production Technology Part)
I’ve had similar experiences. When a pedestrian crosses the 6-lane two-way roads, all cars halt. I’ve even seen trams stop in the middle if there’s a pedestrian. After that incident, I have been driving more cautiously.

(Jae-yeon Shin, European Sales Part)
Poland is a country where rules are strictly enforced. People try to refrain from taking any actions that depart from the established protocols at work. Additionally, people hesitate to take any action that might violate the rules. No matter how urgent, that is something to learn because there are laws and protocols that must be observed.

Q. Do you enjoy Polish cuisine?

(Jae-yeon Shin, European Sales Part)
I like them in general. Some Polish foods have taken the place of nostalgic Korean foods. For example, there is a dish called golongka, which is Polish pork trotters. Goongka with beer on the weekend is so delicious that you can’t think of anything else to eat.s.

(Seung-cheol Song, Mass Production Technology Part)
I don’t have strong likes or dislikes for Polish food. However, the Polish dumpling pierogi with strawberry jam and cheese inside was new. I also remember trying sturgeon sashimi for the first time in Poland, which I had never had in Korea.

Q. What do you miss most while working in Poland?

(Hyeon-seon Yang, Electrode Production Management Team)
I’ve been working as an expat for about a year and nine months, and I miss Korea’s fast pace. In Poland, I have to take my time when dealing with banks and government offices and ordering food at restaurants. Also, because I live in a remote area, there are times when the internet or Wi-Fi is unavailable, making it challenging to receive business calls after work. (Laughter) When there is a power outage, communication is sometimes completely cut off, which makes things difficult.

(Jae-yeon Shin, European Sales Part)
I can relate to what Hyeon-seon said, but I’m a laid-back person, so the speed of work or internet issues in Poland don’t bother me too much. Aside from missing my parents and friends, whom I don’t get to see often, I’m generally very satisfied with my expat life in Poland.

Q. Please summarize your expat life in one word!

(Seung-cheol Song, Mass Production Technology Part)
As an expat in Poland, you can discover that you can achieve anything you set your mind to. I’d like to define it as a great opportunity to realize any possibilities you want.

(Jae-yeon Shin, European Sales Part)
I would use the word “growth” to describe it. That is why I came to Poland as well. On a personal level, it’s a chance to advance and grow, and on a corporate level, I believe it’s a first step toward stabilizing and expanding overseas sites through expatriates.

(Hyeon-seon Yang, Electrode Production Management Team)
I believe that anyone can relocate abroad. In fact, many people associate expatriates with being difficult and challenging. Of course, there are challenging parts, but isn’t that true of any position? Anyone can be an expatriate and have a unique experience.

(Jae-yeon Shin, European Sales Part)
Yes, there are only so many companies that offer expatriate opportunities. As a company that is still growing and expanding, there are opportunities. If you prepare diligently, considering what you want to do and your career, expatriation is a choice you won’t regret.

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