A Better Life with Batteries – The 21700 Cylindrical Battery, an Emerging Dark Horse

The 18650 battery was regarded as the standard model of cylindrical batteries. But the 21700 battery has emerged as a strong contender in the world of cylindrical batteries, offering higher capacity and density than the 18650. Today, we will discuss the 21700!

Developed for lighter weight and longer driving range of EVs

With the size of 21 mm in diameter and 70 mm in length, 21700 batteries were developed to be used for EVs. The widely used 18650 batteries add much weight to the vehicle, as too many of them are required to operate it. So, 21700 batteries were devised to fix the matter.

21700 Cylindrical Battery

Higher capacity

The 21700 battery has higher capacity and energy density than its 18650 alternative. The battery’s cell volume is expanded and capacity is increased by above 50% by applying NCM 811 which contains about 80 % of nickel or NCMA cathode material. As a result, it can offer the desired capacity of battery packs with fewer batteries than 18650 batteries.

Lower prices

21700 batteries can share the production line with 18650 batteries without additional extension. Also, while an EV needs 7,000 of 18650 batteries, they can be replaced by only 3,000 of 21700 batteries, meaning lower production costs.

The popularity of cylindrical batteries

According to a battery market research firm, the cylindrical battery market for EVs is expected to rise on an annual average of at least 20% to 123GWh by 2022, 150GWh by 2023, and 227.9GWh by 2025. Competition among battery makers will also intensify over the high-performance, longer-lasting 21700 batteries.