[Better Life] “I conduct the performance test for high safety and charging speed of EV battery cells!” – A day of Chan-mi Kang at the Automobile Battery Cell Development Team

“Cell” is the fundamental unit of an electric vehicle battery, and its properties determine the performance and safety of the entire battery system. And several factors, including energy efficiency, charging speed, and safety, should be considered to develop high-quality battery cells. LG Energy Solution conducts thorough verification tests and prepares for possible production issues to ensure that these cells perform according to their design specifications. In today’s episode of Better Life, we’ll meet Chan-mi Kang from the Automotive Battery Cell Development team to explore the details of developing battery cells for finished cars.

I’m Chan-mi Kang and I develop automotive battery cells
at R&D Campus Daejeon of LG Energy Solution. 😁

Currently, I’m taking out the completed
pouch-type battery cells to evaluate them!
We manufacture and evaluate manual cells
using electrodes made at R&D Campus Daejeon and
Ochang Energy Plant.👍

The charge and discharge unit evaluates
medium- and large-scale manual cells upon request.🔋

We have an additional test to run!
It is a test for verifying fast-charging capability
by building a three-electrode cell that can give relatively quick results.🧪

The test should be carried out in accordance with
the prescribed procedure!
It begins once patterns are created
based on the capacity of the given electrode.✅

It’s already lunchtime.🍴
I usually get lunch from the food trucks at Entral Park!😋

The left hand is just for assisting!
After lunch, I play basketball with my colleagues.
Sometimes, we place bets on the games!🏀

It’s time to return to work after a happy break.📋

I make coin cells to evaluate the battery raw materials’ own capacity and
efficiency data that is used to design and verify cells.📊
My job for today will be done when I connect the coin cells
to the charger and discharger and
test their charging and discharging capabilities!⚡

Another hard workday is over now!
Let’s call it a day for a fresh tomorrow!🖐

*Coin cell: a coin-sized cell used to test the properties of each electrode

From analyzing data of battery raw materials and designing cells to conducting verification tests to ensure battery performance! We explored the dedicated efforts of Chan-mi Kang, who is committed to ensuring the productivity and perfection of the cells. Who will be featured in the next episode? Stay tuned and look forward to it!

* Check out the YouTube Short, “[Better Life] Chan-mi Kang from Automobile Battery Cell Development“

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