Strengthening the Battery Ecosystem through Talent Development_All about Talent Management and Training at LG Energy Solution

LG Energy Solution is striving for talent development based on the HR philosophy of “Creating Value for Customers, Realizing Management Based on Human Dignity” and the talent profile of being “a person equipped with beliefs and execution power in the “LG Way*”. By considering business goals and strategies, we secure the next-generation battery talents and establish and operate a talent recruitment and development system. We seek to achieve mutual growth between talents and the company, and further, to create a sustainable ecosystem.

* LG Way: Achieving “No. 1 LG” by practicing LG’s management philosophy of “Customer-value Creation” and “People-oriented Management” through LG’s behavioral mode of “Jeong-Do Management”.

Securing Future Battery Talents Early! Expanding the Excellent Talent Pool at LG Energy Solution

(From left) BTC in North America, BTC in South Korea

LG Energy Solution has introduced the “Battery Tech Conference (BTC)” to secure outstanding talents. BTC is an event where excellent master’s and doctoral candidates from home and abroad are invited to introduce the vision for battery technology and business, and networking opportunities with employees take place.

In particular, BTC is linked to recruitment. To recruit essential master’s and doctoral talents for R&D positions, we select target labs after rigorous verification and provide company presentations and job-related information. Through these activities, LG Energy Solution secures talent pools in advance. Additionally, we operate a special recruitment process that includes inviting applicants to the BTC event, conducting interviews, and completing the recruitment process within approximately one month from application.

BTC provides a positive applicant experience and has shown high satisfaction and employment rates, contributing to successful onboarding. Consequently, in 2022, 80 top-level master’s and doctoral candidates were recruited through BTC. In April 2023, the BTC in San Francisco invited 40 local Korean-American master’s and doctoral candidates for the event and interview process. In addition, the BTC held in Seoul in June 2023 included visits to target labs where we met 35 master’s and doctoral candidates. We will continue to secure outstanding talents in the battery field.

Customized Talent Education and Management by Year

LG Energy Solution is conducting customized talent education and management based on the needs of various internal members.

Firstly, for new employees, we run a “Day 1 program” that provides the education necessary for company life. This program offers talent profiles and experiential programs to quickly adapt to corporate culture and mentoring programs to support a natural adaptation to the organization and job positions.

For leadership development, LG Energy Solution also runs a “Leadership Development Program” equipped with a stage-by-stage leadership cultivation system. This program continuously supports various leadership development programs, including online and offline education, leadership diagnostics, and coaching, to successfully perform the role of a leader. Before assuming the position, it helps set the leadership mindset, and after assuming the position, it focuses on the continuous improvement of leadership competencies through a systematic program.

Beyond cultivating leaders that fit the organization, LG Energy Solution is also identifying and early discovering future business entrepreneur candidates who possess business execution capabilities and leadership competencies. We support programs such as Global MBA, LG MBA, and degree programs to foster leaders with integrated and strategic thinking skills.

LG Energy Solution also operates a “Job Competency Development Program” for our members. Through the “Battery Academy (LG Battery Academy, LBA)” and “Institute of Battery Technology (IBT)”, we aim to enhance job competencies. LBA is a comprehensive job-specific training program that covers all fields, including production, technology, quality, R&D, procurement, supply chain management (SCM), sales, project management (PM), and digital transformation (DX), and consists of over 130 courses. Instituted in 2021, IBT is an education program of six months designed to empower new employees with global competencies early on and transform them into battery experts.

Lastly, LG Energy Solution is also running a “Global Competency Development Program” to cultivate corporate executives and representatives who will perform excellently at global sites. To create harmony and synergy with various members working in global production subsidiaries, we conduct foreign language education for all employees. Additionally, we also implement programs to enhance understanding of global diversity.

Operating a Job Competency Diagnosis System for Continuous Growth!

LG Energy Solution operates a performance management and job competency diagnosis system to continuously support the growth of our members. Members establish specific work and job competency development goals based on organizational goals and receive regular feedback on the results.

The personnel evaluation is also systematically conducted. Before the year-end evaluations, peer feedback is used to improve the objectivity and fairness of the evaluations, and the year-end evaluation is conducted based on the achievement of annual work goals. In addition, by conducting job competency diagnoses, LG Energy Solution promotes member-driven enhancement of job expertise, thereby strengthening organizational capabilities.

LG Energy Solution fosters future battery talents and leads the growth of members’ competencies! Through thorough talent management and education, we strive to enhance corporate competitiveness and create a more robust battery ecosystem.

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