[IN:CHARGE] Seong-hwan Jang of the Module/Pack Development Team sharpens his technological edge for the top battery maker title

What do you need to have a competitive edge in the battery market? You need not only outstanding product features, but also many techniques. Jang Seonghwan of the Module/Pack Development Team contributes to society by providing safer batteries through new module and pack concept design. Let’s find out specifically what he does!

Q. Please introduce yourself.

Hi! I am Jang Seonghwan and I develop new concept modules using LFP cells at the Module/Pack Development Team. I research diverse technologies as I design new module and pack concepts and analyze technology patents. By doing so, I intend to enhance my competitiveness in the module/pack market as well as patents.

Q. What is thermal propagation prevention technology?

Thermal propagation, or TP, is the occurrence of self-heating triggered by an unexpected incident. It takes place when an external impact such as the piercing of a sharp object into a cell or a module causes a short circuit or when they are exposed to an external heat source. The TP prevention technology LG Energy Solution is researching aims at improving the system’s safety by delaying heat transfer between cells and rapidly releasing the gas formed by some reasons to a certain path.

Q. What qualifications are required from a module developer?

Module developers are also designers who do not only put customer demands but also their own philosophy into their design.

Accordingly, “intuition” matters in module development. Intuition can also mean an insight that shows “this design will work.” The ability can be nurtured through simulation, result analysis and interpretation after design, as well as learning.

You can also get an insight through experience in other areas. As for me, when I appreciate installation art, I try to see from the authors’ perspective and think about how they achieved the balance in their works. This is to get the intuition about balance because the balance of various factors is critical in a battery module as well.

Also, as my career builds, I really feel that everything “requires the help of many people.” The ability to work together is especially important in developing new technology. So, I do my utmost when other departments ask for help.

Q. Do you have a goal you want to achieve in the future?

The safety of modules and packs is essential and is strongly demanded currently. I would like to develop technical expertise and enhance my abilities of the robust design of modules and packs through study and research. Further, I would obtain market competitiveness by producing LG Energy Solution’s own high-quality packs and modules.

Q. How could your work at LG Energy Solution contribute to society?

User safety is the most important thing. By improving the safety and durability of battery modules and packs with LG Energy Solution’s own technology, I would meet up to the expectations of consumers and play a role in ensuring user safety and convenience.

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