[Better Life] “The clear sky of the Ochang Energy Plant? I make it possible!” A day of Seong-hee Lee at the Atmospheric Environment Management Team

LG Energy Solution’s Ochang Energy Plant is at the core of product development and manufacturing as the “Mother Factory,” serving as a hub of the company’s global battery manufacturing system. Accordingly, the Atmospheric Environment Team manages factories thoroughly in compliance with environmental regulations. In today’s episode of Better Life, we will meet Seung-hee Lee of the Atmospheric Environment Management Team, who plays a crucial role in overseeing LG Energy Solution’s efforts in environmental protection.

* Mother Factory: A factory that is at the core of product development and manufacturing. This type of factory is mostly engaged in processes aimed at enhancing added value through researching and developing high-quality products.

Hi, 🖐️
I’m Seong-hee Lee and I work for atmospheric environment management
at LG Energy Solution’s Ochang Energy Plant.😁
My duties involve monitoring and ensuring the energy plant’s compliance
with environmental regulations.

Currently, I am working on a report
because we have to regularly measure air quality and
report the results to the local authorities.💻

As our team oversees all environmental aspects including
not only air quality but also water quality, 🌎🌳🌱
and chemicals of the Ochang Energy Plant,
we often have meetings with other departments.

After a heated meeting, I’m starving.
A great perk the Ochang Energy Plant offers is free meals for the employees,🍴🥣
and the food is truly delicious!😋

As I frequently deal with legal matters,
I routinely check for any changes in laws and regulations,🧐
and I also regularly refer to case studies.📑

Today, I am scheduled to visit the in-house clinic.
It’s fantastic to receive free consultations from a medical specialist
for my health problems and even get prescriptions.💊

For the sake of my health,
I go to the in-house Pilates class after work.🧘‍♀
I have to wrap up here and go get muscles now.
Wishing you all a healthy day!👋

We could see Seong-hee’s dedication as she delves into complex laws for better management of the atmospheric environment at the Ochang Energy Plant. Also, she takes care of her health through exercise even after work. Isn’t she admirable? Better Life episodes of these fantastic employees will continue, so stay tuned!

* Check out the YouTube Short, “[Better Life] Seong-hee Lee from the Atmospheric-Environment Inspector.

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