[IN:CHARGE] Jihyun Lee at the Automotive Battery Development Team develops customized batteries with flexible thinking

LG Energy Solution is a leader and key player in the battery market. The achievement was possible thanks to the efforts of employees. In this “IN:CHARGE” section, we will meet highly professional members of LG Energy Solution. Today, we will meet Lee Jihyun, who is with the Car Battery Development Team, and find out what she is doing.

Q. Please introduce yourself.

Hi. My name is Lee Jihyun and I am working at the Car Battery Development Team. My job is to design cells as required by my clients. I improve my design to make cells qualified enough to be mass-produced.

Q. What is the expertise that differentiates you from others at LG Energy Solution?

One of the things I do is to discuss the specifications of batteries with my clients. Finding the middle ground with the client is essential for the development team. We need to build a strong logical foundation to engage in conversation with our clients. As for me, I have handled battery cells of one client for 6 years since I joined LG Energy Solution. So, I am well aware of the history of each cell and capable of precisely identifying the specifications they need.

For smooth communication with the clients, I prepare my plans A, B, and C to respond to their requirements and try to think from different perspectives. Also, I think flexibly in experiments, knowing that the result may not come out as expected.

You only get limited information from one cell, because it shows different properties depending on whether it is isolated or whether multiple of them are put together in a module or a pack and installed in a finished car. Therefore, it is hard to explain to clients only with the logic I employed for the experiment on the cell units. If you are planning to work in the field of battery development, you have to be able to take a variety of perspectives and to see the correlation of relevant equipment comprehensively.

Q. How can you contribute to society through your work?

I seek to perfect the batteries and increase the yield as I work at the development team. In so doing, I can reduce the waste of raw materials, which eventually contributes to environmental protection. In fact, my team has stabilized production lines, reduced electrolyte, and increased yield in cooperation with relevant departments.

I realized I am growing up as I continue doing what I have to do. I will keep making efforts to develop battery cells in safe and environmentally friendly ways.

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