[Better Life] “Cylindrical batteries, tiny but mighty, made by me!”_A Day of Hankyeol Kim at the Mobility & IT Battery Cell Assembly Production Technology Team

Batteries are commonly categorized into cylindrical, pouch, and prismatic shapes. Among these, cylindrical batteries are easily recognizable in everyday life. They have long, round shape as well as small size, and can be mass-produced. There is an employee who is working hard to ensure cylindrical batteries are manufactured with greater reliability at the Mobility & IT Battery Cell Assembly Production Technology Team. Today, we’ll meet Hankyeol Kim from the team and look into his day with the Better Life!

Hi there!🖐🖐🖐
I’m Hankyeol Kim and I manage the assembly and production of
cylindrical battery cells at the Ochang Energy Plant.
When I come to work, I immediately check and analyze
the production data collected overnight.📊 📋
The Ochang Energy Plant operates 24 hours a day
to meet the growing demand for batteries!😀
Based on the data reviewed,
I discuss with my team whether there are any problems.

After the meeting, I go to the site to check the problems and
communicate with the task leader on the site.💬
Communication skills are the most important for the job!🔊

This battery in my hand is a cylindrical battery!
These small cells are connected to form a module.
And these modules are gathered and placed in a pack,
which goes into the bottom of EVs!
Isn’t it amazing that this little stuff powers an electric vehicle?

I continue working hard in the afternoon
going back and forth between the office and the site!
Of course, I also take a short break at the “Entral Park,”
the resting area for employees.😌

Is it already time to clock out?
It’s time to get off work! Goodbye.😉

From the cylindrical battery cells to modules and packs, ready to be installed in EVs, can you see the dedication of Hankyeol Kim and his Small Battery Cell Assembly Production Technology Team? Stay tuned for the next episode, where we’ll meet more LG Energy Solution members and discover how they contribute to a Better Life.

* Check out the YouTube Short, “[Better Life] Hangyeol Kim from Assembly Production Technology for Cylindrical Battery Cell.”

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