(Infographics #11) NCMA Cathode

We have covered the definition and role of cathode, a key material of lithium-ion batteries. Also, we had a close look at NCM cathode and NCA cathode, cathodes that consist of three elements.

The cathode we will explore today comprises four elements. Let’s find out the components and characteristics of NCMA cathode.

Quaternary battery, a battery with four cathode materials

Consisting of various elements, the cathode is responsible for the capacity and voltage of lithium-ion batteries. Each of the elements of the cathode plays different roles and battery performance is determined by what elements are combined. Accordingly, the cathodes are being used for many purposes depending on battery types.

The most common cathodes are NCM and NCA cathodes that have three elements. But a further developed version of cathode is emerging. That is “NCMA cathode,” made by adding one more element to the cathodes. NCMA is also called a “quaternary battery” since it consists of four metal elements.

* View NCM cathode (Infographic #9)

* View NCA cathode (Infographic #10)

NCMA cathode offers high output, safety, and even price competitiveness

In the NCMA cathode, aluminum (Al) is added to NCM cathode that is made of nickel (Ni), cobalt (Co), and manganese (Mn). Among them, nickel’s role is to raise battery capacity and energy density while cobalt and manganese improve safety. Aluminum contributes to battery output and safety.

The higher nickel content and lower portion of the costly cobalt in the NCMA cathode allow for reducing costs.  Also, it is versatile to be used for all forms of batteries such as cylindrical, prismatic, and pouch batteries.

NCMA cathode has so many advantages. Therefore, it is favored as a cathode for high-performance EVs. Since the cathode can improve driving range, output, and battery safety, it is emerging as a key battery material.

We have examined the cathode with the infographic. Now, you know the components and characteristics of the cathode when you read about NCM, NCA, or NCMA, right?

Next time, we will walk you through the anode, one of the four main components of lithium-ion batteries.

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