Enhancing the Efficiency of Cell Materials through DX – DX Organization Job Interview Part 2

LG Energy Solution developed materials using DX (Digital Transformation), the most fundamental step in the battery manufacturing process. As a result, work efficiency has increased because cell material performance can now be accurately predicted even with fewer experiments. We met with the MIA team at the Cell Advanced Development Center, which serves as a lighthouse for material development.

Q. What is the role of the MIA team of the Cell Advanced Development Center?

Using machine learning, our team creates materials based on data. Furthermore, we are working on discovering new factors by combining existing ones or quantifying factors through analysis. We also develop systems.

Q. What does MIA stand for?

MIA at the Cell Advanced Development Center includes Material informatics and Lab automation.

Material informatics is a new mechanism in materials science that performs a series of tasks based on data. After developing a hypothesis, we use the collected data to create predictive modeling and develop new materials.

Lab automation refers to assisting researchers in conducting research more efficiently through laboratory automation equipment or robots. It also includes systematizing the process of storing and processing data in LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) and applying it to models.

Q. What is the role of the Cell Advanced Development Center’s MIA team in a battery company?

Material development is the most fundamental aspect of battery development. It serves as a guide to assist practitioners in developing cells more efficiently by utilizing the data and systems built by the MIA team.

Q. What would you like to say to those interested in this position?

During the interview, if you majored in MI, you should be able to explain clearly the process you went through while operating MI. If you studied machine learning instead of MI, consider how you can apply it to material or battery development and what role you can play. Communicating this during the interview would help you stand out.

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